About BoilerApartments

BoilerApartments is the source for rental housing information at Purdue University. Our goal is to provide renters with a complete picture of the off-campus rental housing choices available at Purdue University. We do this by offering free premium rental listings to property managers and owners, providing tons of information about each listing, and offering renters options and features to make searching and deciding as easy and quick as possible.
Off-campus Renters
Just for off-campus rentals
BoilerApartments focuses exclusively on rental housing for the Purdue University community. If you are a student, faculty or staff member (or you have rentals for these tenants), you’ve come to the right place. We strive to provide a comprehensive source of apartment, rental house, sublease and homestay listings at Purdue University.
Off-campus Renters
Free premium rental listings
Fully detailed listings are good for both renters and the people who post listings on our site. Our listings offer unlimited photos and floor plan images, limitless descriptions, detailed pet policy information and lease terms, flexible options for conveying current and pre-leasing rent rates and availability, unlimited amenity choices, plus much more. Most importantly, to ensure that everyone renting out housing can take advantage of this exposure, are listings are always free!
Are you a property owner or manager? Check out our rental listing benefits.
Off-campus Renters
Powerful housing search features
Searching for a place to live just by the number of bedrooms, rent and a general location doesn’t cut it. That’s why we give you any number of ways to slice-and-dice your housing search to find exactly what you want. With our patent pending search tools, you can define the exact area on a map you are interested in, you can choose to look at places that cater to undergrad students (or just the opposite), you can find places that meet your exact pet policy needs, and much more. Plus, we offer ways to collaborate with roommates (and parents) on your search for the next place to call home.
Our History
In 2000, college roommates Drew Fetsch and Steve Hodges struggled to find a decent place to live off-campus. The student newspaper only had ads with limited details about rentals, and websites had only a small handful of listings. To solve this problem, they embarked on creating a website that made searching easier, and started BoilerApartments.com for rental housing information at Purdue University.

Over the next couple of years, the site became the go-to resource for off-campus living at Purdue. In 2004, additional sites were created for 5 other schools (BadgerApartments.com, DawgDigs.com, HoosierApartments.com, SpartanSpaces.com and UMichApartments.com) and Content Driven Solutions LLC was founded around those sites.

The six localized off-campus rental sites worked well as prototypes, and everything we learned over the years was incorporated into a new site, built from the ground up, to provide a single source for off-campus rental housing information at colleges and universities around the world. UDigs.com was launched in November of 2011, and our six localized sites were all updated with the same features as well.

UDigs® and our network of localized off-campus rental sites are managed by Content Driven Solutions, LLC in Sunnyvale California.
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