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10 Things You Don’t Want To Come Home To After Winter Break
by Kari Lamanuzzi

Sometimes the thought of spending the holidays with your extended family seems like a chore more than a vacation. After a rough week with the parents, and Grandma asking you when you're finally going to settle down (after all, she's not getting any younger and neither are you) all you want to do is go back to your apartment and your nice warm bed.

There is little joy greater than pulling into your neighborhood and unloading all of your new goodies to bring home and show off. you're going to be the house favorite when they see that you got a flat screen TV to go with the new WII that Santa brought you. you're filled with holiday cheer and looking forward to a nice relaxing day at home. You open the door, only to find a world of unexpected surprises (and not in a good way). Here are ten of the worst things to come home to after some time away:

  1. Your stock of seasonal craft brews ...empty.
  2. Your roommate has decided to turn the Christmas tree into a flaming beacon of holiday cheer, complete with a fireworks display... in your living room. This probably has something to do with the missing beer.
  3. Someone thought it would be funny to dress the dog up as Santa Claus and use your favorite red dress shirt. Don't they know dry cleaning is expensive these days?
  4. You get excited that the roommate ordered pizza only to find it's the leftovers from the pizza you ordered before you left and it is now home to a small colony of unidentified crawling life forms.
  5. After not being fed for a week, your pet sea monkeys have decided to revolt and have tied your roommates to a chair in the living room.
  6. The diamond jewelry you hid in your drawer to give to your girlfriend for Valentine's Day has been pawned to pay off the loan shark coming after your friend. And they said poker night was all in good fun.
  7. The DVD player is broken... and the Miley Cyrus Christmas Special is stuck on loop. If you hear it one more time, you may become homicidal.
  8. After being forced to watch the Miley Cyrus Christmas Special on loop, one of your roommates has become homicidal and is unable to pay rent this month due to being in the clinker.
  9. In some odd mating ritual, your roommate decided to surprise his girlfriend and dress up as Santa... but he got stuck in the chimney. If only he'd listened when you said to lay off the pork rinds for a while.
  10. The guy passed out on the couch who you assumed had partied too much is actually the homeless dude that stays down the street by the 7-eleven. Apparently the betting at poker night included keys to your apartment.

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