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6 Ways to Enjoy the Winter Season
by Kate Forrest

"Baby it's cold outside..." A favorite holiday song, and a reality this time of year. Some of us like the cold, while others would rather head south to the beach. Either way, here are your 6 best ways to enjoy the season, to either embrace the cold, or forget about it for a minute.

  1. Embrace the Weather! Go Sledding, Skating, Skiing, or Snowboarding. One of my favorite parts of this time of year is the sports. For skiing or snowboarding fun, take a trip up to Michigan, or if you're leaving town, head east or west. The best way to enjoy the snow locally is to find that public skating area, or a favorite sledding hill. And don't forget to yell "Weeeeee" as loudly as you can. It just adds to the fun.
  2. Make snow people. You are never too old to enjoy this fun, snowy tradition. Don't remember how? Pack up a snow ball in your glove and make it a big one. Place it in the snow and then start to roll it in one direction until it gets huge and heavy. Make another one and place it on top. Carrots and raisins make good faces. Remember that the snow should be good packing snow (nice and heavy and a little wet feeling) for this to work. And Enjoy!
  3. Warm Beverages for a winter treat. I love a glass of hot chocolate, or warm spiced cider to cut the chill. To make some mulled-cider, head to your grocery store and buy some mulling spices. They now come in easy-to-use tea bags. Heat the cider on medium heat on the stove and place the tea bags in until the beverage is steamy hot. Delicious!
  4. Volunteer free time to help the needy. Toys for tots, canned food drives, or your local soup kitchen are good options. This is a great way to feel warm on the inside while trying to keep warm on the outside, and you get to make others feel good too!
  5. Find a fireplace. I know that in the days of indoor heating, using a fireplace isn't a necessity. But, it is so nice to sit by a roaring fire and drink that warm cider. Just looking at the fire makes me feel toastier, so find a friend's house, a restaurant, or anyplace you can'to just sit for a few minutes in the warmth.
  6. Light a seasonal scented candle. I always loved the smell of pine mixing in the crisp air as I rushed down a ski slope. The smell of the cinnamon and clove in mulling spices mixed with apple cider, or the similar scent of warm apple pie is also lovely at this time of year. Fortunately, thanks to Yankee Candle, and other similar scented candle retailers, you don't have to actually do or make these things to experience such lovely, seasonal scents. Wrap up in that warm blanket, and light that candle.
My favorite way to enjoy winter is to combine several of these steps... Go on a ski weekend and rent a condo with a fireplace, make hot chocolate, wrap up in a blanket, and burn a cinnamon scented candle. Volunteer for your local Toys for Tots drive, then come home and make a snow man. Do these enough, and maybe you'll even be sad when the snow melts, and the weather gets warm again... well, maybe.

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