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What to Ask BEFORE You Make a Decision
by Kari Lamanuzzi
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When going in search of an apartment, it's important to remember not to rush into something that you may regret later. Below is a list of some good starter questions for researching and visiting apartments.

  • What is the cost per bedroom, per month?
  • Is anything included (sewage, utilities, internet, etc.)?
  • How much is the deposit?
  • When is rent due every month?
  • Can a specific floor/area of the apartment complex be requested?
  • Does the apartment come furnished?
  • What repairs is the landlord responsible for and what repairs are you'responsible for?
  • How many people live per complex?
  • Are there any exercise facilities on the property?
  • Are any appliances included?

  • How far is it from campus?
  • Is any sort of shuttle service provided? (Some do provide shuttle service to campus)
  • Is it far enough from campus to make you eligible for a campus parking pass?
  • How far is the nearest bus stop?
  • How many cars are allowed per apartment?

Extra Costs
  • Is there a fee if you want to change the color of your walls? Are you allowed to paint them yourself?
  • What is the policy on late rent?
  • What damages will commonly be deducted from my deposit?
  • What is the policy on lost keys/lock changing? How much does it cost?

  • Is there a separate deposit for animals? If so, what animals require this deposit(dogs ,cats .etc)?
  • Is there an extra cost per month for owning a pet?
  • Are there areas specifically designated for walking my animals?
  • Are there any breed restrictions/ weight restrictions?
  • Are there any types of pets that are absolutely not allowed?
Remember that many of the answers to these questions may be found in your lease, which is why it's always important to read your lease completely before signing. You'll want to make sure that all the answers you'received while visiting your apartment match the conditions on your lease. Any inaccuracies need to be addressed before signing.

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