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Best Bets for Pets in an Apartment
by Tatiana Ringenberg
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Getting lonely? Is the company of others just not doing it for you anymore? Well then a pet may be just the thing for you! But wait! Before jumping in and buying the first doe eyed lil rascal you encounter consider your living space, especially if you're living in an apartment. Is it really fair to raise your 150 lb. Great Dane in an efficiency? Probably not but we do have a few good ideas for other pets that ARE suitable.

Going Traditional
  1. Fish. Although not the most affectionate of pets, fish are cheap, neat and though you may need to put an extra deposit down, the amount is usually refunded when you move out (a major plus in my book). These are probably some of the more low maintenance pets, as filters often minimize the amount of cleaning an owner must do.
  2. Cats. Cats, though definitely more costly and time consuming than fish, are also a great option. Generally cats are very easy to potty train and are therefore reasonably clean. Cats are also notoriously independent pets, which makes them great for the average college student that doesn't have a lot of time to spare.
  3. Dogs. Dogs are always a little more difficult in any situation just because they are such hands-on pets. Truthfully there are some breeds that will just never be happy in a small apartment-sized environment, but below is a list of breeds that are widely considered to be good apartment dogs.
    • Pomeranian
    • Corgi
    • Chihuahua
    • Boston Terrier
    • Bulldog
    • Dachshund
    • Maltese
    • Pug
    • Toy Poodle
    • Pekingese
    • Cocker Spaniel
    • Yorkie
    Notice a trend? Most of the dogs listed are reasonably small in size. This is very important when dealing with a small to medium sized apartment. CAUTION: If your heart is set on a dog, in many cases you can kiss your deposit goodbye. Though this is not always the case dogs can often cause a lot of damage that you'll have to pay for in the end, especially if you're not around enough to give them the kind of attention they need.
  4. Small and furry. Small and furry pets are always good for apartments because they generally stay in a small and centralized area that is easy to clean and maintain. They also do not require as much attention as dogs.
Fun and Funky Twists on the pet scene
  1. Ferret. A personal favorite, ferrets are small, affectionate and easy to potty train. Many consider ferrets to be smelly but this only becomes a problem if their litter is not maintained. The downside to this pet is that they're small and can get into very small holes all through your apartment if loose. They also require a decent amount of attention and care.
  2. Chinchillas. Ever heard of a chinchilla? Neither has anyone else but chinchillas are a nice alternative to your average small furry creature. Chinchillas are small creatures that look somewhat like a chubby squirrel-like mouse. Although they dislike loud noises and excessive social activity, chinchillas are quiet and do not cause unwanted odors. Overall this is a fun exotic pet worth looking into. Just keep in mind that chinchillas are nocturnal and require cooler temps and dust pans for baths.
  3. Sugar Gliders. Though cute and exotic, these pets require a lot of attention. However, if you're looking for an energetic and hands-on pet this might be the pet for you.
When searching for the perfect pet for you and your apartment it's important that you think of both yourself as well as the pet. Don't forget there are costs to caring for your pet. You don't want to put yourself in a situation where you're in over your head financially or otherwise.

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